The 2018 USA Derby Drivers are a great looking group of guys!

The 2018 USA Demolition Derby Season has finished up with it’s Championship Event held at the Saline Fair. The gates opened at 3PM and after a long day of inspections and fixes, the show began.  

               Demolition Derby Award Winners

First on the agenda, was recognition and awards for some fine drivers. These awards are chosen by the officials based of each driver’s performances throughout the 2018 racing season. They are then presented to our drivers on Championship night.  

Drivers from left to right in photo:

Ted Dalia #674 – RWD Hard Charger

Jason Goff #500 – RWD Driver of the Year

Robert Petit #015 – RWD Sportsman Driver

Brian Boelter #10 – FWD Hard Charger

John Pool Sova #11x – FWD Driver of the Year  

 The night started out with FWD MOD action.

           The FWD MOD cars WRECK IT!


    1st and 2nd Place FWD MOD Derby Winners




              3rd Place FWD MOD Derby Winner





Congratulation Winners!     

1st – Solon Grey #23

2nd – Corey Miechiels #423  

3rd – Kevin Rochon #927                                  





                    1st and 2nd Place Truck Winners






                   3rd Place Truck Winner









Then, the trucks showed us how they like to CRASH!                                                          

  1st – Trevor Couturier #14    

  2nd – Josh Englebrecht #41    

  3rd – Brett Couturier #10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The cool, breezy night finished off with the battle everyone was anticipating. These guys fought their hearts out, but only one outlasted everyone else.                                                                                                                                               

                                                                      The RWD Derby cars Clash for Cash!

Congratulation Winners!

1st and 2nd Place Winners Shake Hands
      3rd Place takes a Moment to Relax
 Hard Hitter of the Night Embraces 1st






1st – Jason Goff #500

2nd – CJ Milton #74

3rd – Jacob Kawnacki #196

Mad Dog – Darren Hill #797

Everyone had a great night and we can’t wait to see you race again next year with USA!

Get building those cars guys; its never to early to start over.


A special thank you to Lowell’s Towing and David Lowell for help with car removal.