Thank you Midland County Fair for hosting your first Bump ‘n’ Run race. The racing began with power wheels fun for the kids which was sponsored by and the Lawn and Garden Stihl Dealer. USA is also promoting a youth class heat race for participants age 10-17,  to begin racing, but aren’t ready to race against adult drivers yet.  

Congratulations Drivers!

Power Wheels Winner:
Isabella Laney
MOD FWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Ben Linton #42
2nd – Johnathon Thompson #24
3rd – Dale Myron #919
4th – Brandon Korthals
5th – Cody Inman #I3
6th – David Laney #22
7th – Thomas Perkins #1616
8th – Ron Smith Jr #114
Stock FWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Ronald Baker #52
2nd – David Laney #22
3rd – Ben Linton #42x
RWD Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – John Pool-Sova #3
2nd – Zac Barnowski #22z
3rd – Chad Palmreuter #187
Youth Class Heat Winners:
1st – Breanna Roe #R03
2nd – Cole Rezler #00
3rd – Carson Kiczenski #x24x