Wow! Midland County Fair and fans, thank you for the record breaking support you showed this year. This show had crowd pleasing action in all classes, but of course, the kids were the TRUE STARS, even against tough demo derby destruction.

Congratulations Drivers!

Stock AutoCross Winners:
1st – Eric Zolinski Jr #825
2nd – James Palmreuter #69J
3rd – Tyler Williams #07A
4th – Bruce Sian #1999
MOD AutoCross Winners:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13k
2nd – Kevin Rochon #927
3rd – Ben Linton #42
4th – Cody Argo #2xL
5th – Cody Inman #I-3
6th – Tony Gilbert #R22
7th – Eric Gilbert #28G
8th – David Laney #22
Youth Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Zachary Oltman #20
2nd – Jordan Caryle #187x
3rd – Breanna Roe #R03
FWD MOD Derby Winners:
1st – Mark Zing Jr #36Jr
2nd – Robin Anquetil #15
3rd – Quentin Pool #7P
Power Wheels Winners sponsored by
Harper Dailey
Hunter Wiggins

Hope to see everyone next we at the Genesee County Fair: 8/24 Bump ‘n’ Run; 8/27 FWD Figure 8; 8/29 Mud Races!