We’d like to that the St. Clair 4-H & Youth Fair for hosting this unique event.  Not only was it crazy & chaotic, it gave the drivers a chance to relax and be wild with their cars.
Thank you drivers for a fun, entertaining night.
Congratulations Winners!

3 Man Team Bump ‘n’ Run:
1st Place Team – Lucus Mills #L91, Jeremy Reid, Art Fricke #38
2nd Place Team – Sean Jordan #21, Jacob Christy #8, Hayden Thorner #122
3rd Place Team – Nathan Miller #345, Robert Miller #17, Amanda Miller #11
Crazy Chaotic Races:
Barrel Races – Robert Miller #17
                           Nathan Miller #11
Blind Fold Races – Richard Trudo #921
                                   Sean Jordan #21
Backwards Races – Richard Trudo #921
                                    Anthony Trudo #19k

Hope to see everyone again, here, for a fun night of FWD & RWD Bump ‘n’ Run 
on Friday, 7/23 at 7PM.