• Clare County Fair FWD & RWD Figure 8 Winners

    Yesterday was wonderful  weather for racing. Thank you to all the drivers that showed up and gave it their all. Congratulations Winners! RWD Figure 8: 1st – Chad Palmreuter #187 […]

  • St. Clair 4-H Fair, 7/21, Figure 8 and Stock Derby Winners

    After  the aggressive storm, the drivers showed us how they were charged up with lightening fast action and hard packed hits.   Congratulations Everyone! FWD Figure 8 Winners: 1st – […]

  • St. Clair 4-H Fair, 7/20, Bump & Run Winners

    It was a hot and humid day, but that didn’t stop drivers from coming and putting on a great show! Great Job Winners! FWD Bump & Run A Main: 1st […]

  • Manchester, 7/13, FWD & RWD Figure 8 Winners

    Hot and Steamy with a great breeze ! USA racers are resilient; they race rain or shine, cold or hot. Congratulations Winners! FWD Figure 8: 1st – Jim Branham #BR1 […]

  • Manchester Fair, 7/12, Bump ‘n’ Run & FWD Stock Derby Winners

    Thanks to everyone that came out.  Congratulations Winners! Bump ‘n’ Run: 1st – Jesse Tokarski #2J 2nd – Billy Vasas #85 3rd – Eric Gilbert #28G 4th – Trevor Hughes […]

  • Farwell July 4th Celebration Figure 8 Winners

    To begin, USA would like to thank our troops for their service and  the sacrifices they’ve made that allow us the freedom to enjoy this sport. We live in the […]


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