The car count was amazing for a show that was a long, wet, muddy race. These drivers from Upper Michigan were here to have some serious fun.

Congratulations to all the Winners! 

Bump ‘n’ Run:
1st – Mikey Marble #383
2nd – Christafer Cornwell #35
3rd – Christopher Jeffreys #187

Mini Van Bump ‘n’ Run Heat:
1st – Christopher Porcaro #33
2nd – David Coullard #24
3rd – Shaun Davis #007

RWD Derby:
1st – Glen Germain #42
2nd – Steven Perrault #8
3rd – Daniel Carnahan #47

Best Decorated Car:
Owen Switzer #22s

USA would like to add a word of gratitude to Anytime Towing for their time and help with car removal!