To begin, USA would like to thank our troops for their service and  the sacrifices they’ve made that allow us the freedom to enjoy this sport. We live in the land of liberty and  are truly blessed in this great country. Therefore, freedom can not be taken for granted! All brave and courageous service members, YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

Tonight embodied everything that Makes America Great – spending time with family and friends, enjoying the weather, and watching an entertaining race. Savor every moment.
Happy 4th everyone!

Congratulations Winners!

FWD Figure 8

1st – Kyle Kortier #13K

2nd – Ben White #639

3rd – Anthony Trudo #118

4th – Tim Wahl Jr #30

5th – Bill Simpson #421

6th – Ben Linton #42

7th – Richie Mielens #.08

8th – Tyler Bergey

RWD Figure 8

1st – Kenton Morley #M-2

2nd – Chad Palmreuter #187

3rd – Jack Schooley #54

4th – Mike Hamilton #00

5th – Phil George #22x

6th – Jim Schooley #8

Powder Puff Heat

1st – Tammy Allen