Fall is in the air with these crisp, cool nights. The racing season is coming to an end; championship time is here!
There will be 4 championships this year: autocross, derby, figure 8, and bump ‘n’ run. Information about theses events
is available under the schedule tab of the menu.

Congratulations Winner!

FWD Stock Derby:
1st – Michael Dewar #D4
2nd – Lucus Mills #L91
3rd – Chuck Miller Sr #54

RWD Derby:
1st – Chuck Miller Jr #154
2nd – Jonathon Belanger #099
3rd – Jason Strace #77
4th – Jason Goff #500
5th – Justin Sherman #Elsie
6th – Nicholas Palmer #696

Bump ‘n’ Run:
1st – Lucus Mills #L91