It was a beautiful day to celebrate the 2019 USA Figure 8 grand finale sponsored by Garber Chevrolet Midland. This race showcases the most elite figure 8 drivers in the State of Michigan and thankfully, USA has the privilege of presenting their talent to fans. There were 42 FWD Drivers and 30 RWD Drivers.
The afternoon began with an interactive session for fans to get up close and personal with drivers and their FWD & RWD cars. Questions were asked, autographs signed, treats handed out, and family fun thrived!

Proud drivers surrounded by family!

Families that Race together, Stay together … The Hartsock’s!
Debo’s Body Shop Family – Brad and Chaz Debo.
The comedy duo of Todd White and Todd Kerr – Shake and Bake!

Long time racers become fast friends and part time comedians.






Up next, was oval racing fun for the kids with their power wheels.
Congratulations 1st place Winner – Jace Serratos!

Before the show started, USA completed the afternoon with Driver’s awards and a touching tribute to the Malone family, Traci & Alan, who were injured in a car accident this summer on the way home from a USA race. 

Congratulations everyone!

2019 FWD F8 Points Champion – James Palmreuter #68
2019 FWD Driver of the Year – David Laney #22
2019 Lady Driver of the Year – Chelsie Hartsock #16-17
2019 Hard Charger – Billy Simpson #421
2019 Showman Driver of the Year – Kyle Kortier #13K
2019 Most Dedicated Driver of the Year – Dale Bush Jr #626
2019 Sponsor of the Year – Garber Chevroler Midland (Thank you Bryan Dinsmore)
2019 Best Decorated FWD F8 Car – James Forbin

FWD Figure 8 Driver’s with their awards.

2019 RWD F8 Points Champion – Chad Palmreuter #187
2019 RWD Driver of the Year – Brad Debo #40
2019 Hard Charger of the Year – CJ Milton #74
2019 Showman Driver of the Year – Richard (The Boom) Palmreuter #420
2019 Sportsman Driver of the Year – Kenton Morley #M2
2019 Best Family Support – The Palmreuter Family
2019 Best Decorated RWD F8 Car – Chad Palmreuter

RWD Figure 8 Driver’s and their awards.                   
Wow! Look at the size of this group … the Palmreuter Family!
Malone Strong – Traci and Alan Malone surrounded by well wishers!