It was a beautiful day for the last USA demolition derby event of the year sponsored by Advanced Tree Experts, Inc & North East Plumbing, Inc.
The day began with the kids battling it out in their power wheels.

Kids Power Wheels Demo Derby Championship                      

Congratulations goes to Kylee Desmarais, winner!
Immediately following the kids derby event, the spotlight went to the top 2019 USA Derby drivers and the awards they received.

2019 FWD Derby Driver of the Year – Kyle Kortier #13K
2019 Overall Driver of the Year – Steven (Princess) Bauer #517
2019 RWD Derby Driver of the Year – Jason Goff #500
2019 Most Dedicated Driver of the Year – Robin Anquetil #15
2019 Hard Charger of the Year – Bryan Dinsmore #66 (not pictured)
2019 RWD Derby Sponsor of the Year –  Advanced Tree Experts Inc, Mike Szyska (not pictured)
2019 FWD Derby Sponsor of the Year – North East Plumbing Inc, Robert Miller
USA would like to give another special thank you to the sponsors, Advanced Tree Experts of Memphis, MI & North East Plumbing of Goodells, MI.
We would not be able to do all we’ve done this year for the drivers without your support!

RWD Stock Class Derby Heat


RWD Stock Class Winners

After awards, the show began with the RWD Stock derby heat. 
RWD STK Derby Winners:
1st – Thomas Bolday #53
2nd – Zackary Pardeike #20
3rd – Kyle Kreger #11
Then the FWD Stock derby heat followed.

And the winners are:
1st – Ricardo Martinez #418
2nd – Tom Kortier #1776
3rd – Tom Tessmer #328

FWD Stock Derby Heat & Winners
RWD Derby cars line up – 1, 2, 3, GO!
RWD Limited Weld 1st, 2nd , 3rd Place Winners

The afternoon finished off with the RWD Limited Weld finale. The best derby drivers from all over the state of Michigan along with some of our Canadian neighbors participated in this event.
RWD Limited Weld Winners:
1st – Ron Devroy Jr #115
2nd – Steven Bauer #517
3rd – Brian Sheldon #218
4th – Doug Medlyn #503
5th – Dave Meyer #42
6th – Darren Hill #797
7th – Justin Sherman #323
8th – Jason Goff #500
9th – CJ Milton #74
10th – Jeff Miller #22
Congratulations everyone! Thank you to all our drivers for making the USA event show the best in the state of Michigan.
See you in 2020!