USA FWD Stock Derby Rules

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The Demolition Derby Championship is restricted to the rules established for this year. You can enter in each class if you so desire. Entry forms only available at the U.S.A. trailer. The U.S.A. Demolition Derby is promoted as a spectator’s thrill attraction. In the interest of safety and sportsmanship anyone entering is subject and must obey the following rules and regulations which are set up by the promoter and track where the event is being held. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and, by participating in these events all participants agree to comply with these rules and/or regulations. Furthermore, all participants agree that their entries (driver, car, and pit crew) will comply with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING BUT NO LIMITED TO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/ OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The race director, judges, stewards, and officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impost any further restrictions in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM ANY PERMITTED DEVIATIONS OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. A participant is any person taking part is any event at a U.S.A. sanctioned track in any form, including but not limited to, drivers, mechanics, crew members, sponsors, track officials or pit area observers. All such persons shall be considered public figures who have by their own choice become involved in auto derby events at a U.S.A. Sanctioned track, with the full understanding that he or she must abide by the rules and regulations established an published or announced by the U.S.A. Demolition Derby staff & officials. All participants are considered to be responsible for their personal conduct & safety. A waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement must be signed by each participant at the time of registration. Waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement (POSTED). Please read. An entry fee will be charged for each car. Entry form to be filled out and mailed or returned (posted on each entry form.) All drivers must be 16 years or older and must be able to provide proof of age and picture identification (Driver’s License or State of Michigan I.D. Card). Any participant under 18 is required to have a permission form signed by a parent or legal guardian’s. This must be done at every event that he/she will be entering pit area. NO EXCEPTIONS. Driver must furnish his/her own car. Only one entry per person. Officials reserve the right to accept or reject any and all applications. Furthermore, officials or the hosting Fair, reserves the right to revoke or cancel any entry or participant’s claimed right to be on the track premises if it is felt or determined that a participant’s presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto derbies, the other competitors, the spectators, track management and/or employee’s. Only drivers and two pit men who sign release sheets will be permitted in the pit area or on the track. No spectators are permitted in restricted pit area. All persons entering pits must sign waiver and release, have a duty, and meet the minimum age requirements. Enlarged waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement (POSTED). Please take the time to read it. The driver is responsible for the actions of his pit crew in all respects. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson for his/her car owner and pit crew in any and all matters and must talk with the chief U.S.A. track official in charge regarding their conduct and behavior. Any participant who defies or violates the intent or spirit of the U.S.A. rules shall be considered to have engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct and shall be dealt with by the U.S.A. track officials depending upon the nature of the infraction. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification and/or suspension. No participant shall subject any U.S.A. official, track employee or sponsor to any abuse or improper language at any time. Any participant who assaults or threatens any U.S.A. official, track official, track employee or sponsor may be disqualified and/or suspended. Anyone entering the pit area must be properly attired at all times. Must wear at least a T shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes. During competition driver must wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes. A fire proof suit is recommended.

  • Drivers must remain in the vehicle with helmet, seat belt and eye protection on until notified by an official that is safe to exit the vehicle.
  • Driver’s door hits are illegal. If the hit is deemed by the official to be careless or intentional, you will be disqualified. If you use the door defense repeatedly you will be disqualified.
  • No hot rodding in the pits. Keep it at an idle.
  • Any open door will be cause for disqualification, you are allowed one fire, second fire will be cause for disqualification. You may return in later rounds.
  • Sandbagging is not tolerated and will be strictly enforced. Locking up the brakes prior to a hit for anything other than a driver’s door will be a cause for disqualification. The fans pay to see a show, put one on for them!
  • You will be given ample time for restarts.
  • This is not a team event. Team driving will not be tolerated.
  • THERE IS NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ALLOWED IN THE PITS. This includes pit crews. If you or ANY of your crew is caught with alcohol or drugs you will be disqualified.
  • All cars WILL have a post race inspection done before any prize money is awarded. Only officials and drivers that won money from the feature will perform inspection.
  • Any questions, CALL FIRST. Don’t assume anything. The Officials decision is final.
  • Car building questions? Call John (989) 860-5045

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Stock Derby Competition Rules:

Must be a 1980 to present date FWD Car only or FWD Van. No hearses, limousines, RWD, all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. NO FULL FRAME AUTOMOBILES.

General Preparation:

  • All glass, plastic and pot metal must be removed ( Windshield may remain in the automobile). Nothing may remain in the bottoms of the trunk or doors.
  • All outer hardware must be removed – door handles, mirrors, chrome, moldings, screws, fiberglass, etc. No added weights to any car.
  • Rear seats in all cars and all decking in station wagons must be removed.
  • Front seats must be securely bolted to the floor, however, these bolts may NOT go thru the frame! You must have a functioning seat belt.
  • All flammable materials must be removed from the car other than safety padding on the driver’s seat. DASHES AND WIRING MAY BE LEFT INTACTED OR REMOVED.
  • Gas tanks may remain in stock position ONLY IF THEY ARE MOUNTED IN FRONT OF THE REAR AXLE/SUSPENSION. If tanks are left in a stock position they must have 2 extra strap (wire, chain, ratchet strap) in addition to the factory straps. Extra 2 straps must wrap around the tank and through the floor as a safety precaution. If you choose to move your gas tank it must be mounted securely in back seat area. No bungee cords allowed to secure tanks. No exceptions!
  • Battery is recommended to be moved to passenger front floor board. Battery must be secured to floor board. No bungee cords to secure battery. You may extend your battery cables. If computer (ecm) is mounted in fender well it may be mounted to the top of the engine or in the cowl. It may not be mounted in car unless it came factory inside of car. Wires not being used may be removed.
  • You will be allowed to do carburetor conversions. Motor must still be for that make and model of car. A air filter must be ran on carbs. Must run a factory throttle cable and gas pedal (van will have a longer throttle cable if one is needed). We are allowing this due to cars being bought and not running due to security mode and shutting down the injectors.
  • No exhaust systems allowed upright thru the hood.
  • Drivers protection: a square cage is recommended inside of car. This will consist of a bar in place of the dash, a bar behind the seat and 1 door bar per side of car connecting the dash bar and bar behind seat. Nothing larger than 6”x6” material. Bar may be no further behind the drivers seat than 6”. Cage must be minimum of 6” off any floor sheet metal, nothing connected to the floor. Cage must be kept completely in board of drivers compartment ( nothing between door skins). Exception; Drivers door only, inside skin may be cut and the door bar may be kicked to the outside skin. Cage may be welded/bolted into place 4 spots max ( welded surface may be no larger than 6”x6” max, if bolting cage in washers no larger than 6”x6”. A rollover bar is recommend, 2 options to choose from. Option 1: a single bar may be ran from the floor to the roof. The vertical bar may be welded to the seat bar and have 12”x12” max plate on each end. Option 2: you may weld 2 (vertical) upright bars from the back seat bar going up outside of the car and join them with a horizontal bar. Nothing can be welded/ bolted to the floor or touch the floor.
  • Drivers door protection is required if a cage isn’t used.
  • Doors must be secured shut by wire, chain, seat belt or rope. 6 spots max doors maybe secured shut. Sheet metal to sheet metal 4 strands of wire, rope or seat belt per hole or 1 strand of 3/8” chain with 3/8” bolt, nut and washers ( no welding chain, wire or bolts). No other form of securing doors shut will be allowed. ONLY DRIVERS DOOR MAY BE WELDED SHUT USING 4-4”x4”x1/4” MAX FLAT PLATE.
  • Trunks must be secured shut with wire, chain, seat belt or rope. 6 spots max to secure trunk lid shut. Sheet metal to sheet metal 4 strands of wire, rope or seat belt per hole or 1 strand of 3/8” chain with 3/8” bolt, nut and washers ( no welding chain, wire or bolts). No other form of securing trunk shut will be allowed. There must be a 8”X8” inspection hole cut in the trunk lid. No crushing trunk lid down. Stock position. You may wire 2 of the 6 spots to the rear bumper. Trunk lid may be removed. If trunk lid is removed, no wire is allowed except 2 spots around rear bumper to taillight area only.
  • Hoods must be secured shut with wire, chain, seat belt or rope. 6 spots max and sheet metal to sheet metal 4 strands of wire, rope or seat belt per hole or 1 strand of 3/8” chain with 3/8” bolt, nut and washers ( no welding chain, wire or bolts). There must be a 8”X8” hole cut in center of hood in case of a fire. No other form of securing hood shut will be allowed. 2 of the 6 spots may go to bumper. Hood must remain on car.
  • A piece of chain, wire or ratchet strap or bar (2” wide ¼’ thick max) must be attached in the windshield are from the roof to the firewall cowl. This is to protect the driver if the hood would come into drivers compartment.
  • You may only interchange stock 80’s and newer, non-chrome, automotive front bumper. No stuffing or seam welding of bumper allowed. Front bumper may be welded into place. 2”x6”x1/4” flat stock steel may be welded from bumper to uni body ( only 2 piece of flat stock total to weld from bumper to uni body). No changing rear bumper or welding of bumper. REAR BUMPERS MAYBE WIRED ON IN 2 SPOTS MAX (4 STRANDS OF WIRE PER HOLE MAX).
  • Wire or chain may be used to help hold motor and trans into place. No welding of wire or chain. Wire and chain may only go from motor/trans to K frame only.
  • Only aftermarket component allowed is a floor shifter. Shifter will not be allowed to strengthen car or help mount motor or trans.
  • No welding, wiring, taping, chaining any part of the car allowed. No adding any form of material to strengthen the car. STOCK MEANS STOCK. No shaping the body panels or K frames. NO welding to the car unless specified in the above rules. If it doesn’t state that you can then you cant. DO NOT TRY AND READ INTO THESE RULES. Questions please call first.
  • If the front K frame is rusted thru or there is a broken bolt call for instructions on repairing the frame to pass tech.

Official’s decisions are final. No exceptions.