USA Power Wheels Rules & Entry

USA DEMOLITION DERBIES LLC Power Wheels Rules and Entry.

  1. This is supposed to be fun for the kids, parents. No modification to the car other than stated below.
  2. Open to Kids ages 3 – 10 years. You must provide your own Power Wheels Vehicle. All kids must be accompanied by an Adult during the Power Wheels event.
  3. Power Wheels needs to be the kind the child sits IN not ON.
  4. No tractors, 4-Wheeler’s or Motorcycles – Must be a vehicle they sit IN not ON.
  5. Must have helmet. Long sleeve shirt, long pants, closed toe shoe and elbow pads are recommended.
  6. All Power Wheel Vehicle after registration must be put in a designated area assigned.
  7. Secure doors and hoods so they do not come open. Bungy cord, duck tape or zip ties recommended.
  8. Seat belts are not mandatory but recommended.
  9. No Special reinforcement-must be the way the Power Wheels was bought from store.
  10. All Power Wheels must sit like the Store Bought Ones. No raising or lower of the front or the rear of the Power Wheel.
  11. Stock Battery can be replaced. It can be positioned anywhere inside the car except for the passenger seat, it must be secured and cover.
  12. No Screws, Velcro or anything else may be attached to tires, must be stock tires.
  13. Type of event will be determined by Judges.
  14. Awards will be given out. ENTRY IS INCLUDED WITH PET PASS.
  15. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES, SCORE KEEPERS WILL BE FINAL!!!! At time of registration parent/guardian of child must sign a waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement. Parent/Guardian must supervise and be with child at all times when in the pit area. These rules will govern USA Demolition Derbies LLC. All participants must comply with these rules and regulations. It is furthermore agreed that all entries, pit crew, driver, owner, sponsors, safety personnel, and law enforcement will comply with these rules. No expressed or implied warranties of any kind. This is a guide set forth for the conduct of the sport and no way a guarantee against injury or death to the spectator, participant or official. USA Demolition Derbies LLC. has the right to accept or reject any entrees without notice.

Name____________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________ City _________________ State _ Zip ______ Phone No. (_)__________________________

I have read the USA rules and regulations. I agree to follow and accept the decision of the judges as final, and elect to use the grounds and track as presented. I agree to have my Power Wheel at the race area and signed in at least 30 minutes prior to show time or I will be ineligible to run.

Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________________________ Date _______

Child’s Age__________________


Parent/Guardian must read rules and sign waiver for child to participate. All parents and pit crew members must be 16 years of age or older, must be able to provide proof of age and picture identification. (Driver’s License or Secretary of State ID Card) Parent or Guardian must supervise child(ren) at all times during Power Wheels event. Power Wheels will be the beginning event of the evening. Parent will stay with car in the pit area. Child must enter Grandstand by paying and return into Grandstand after the Power Wheels Event. No one under 16 years of age is (ALLOWED) in the in-field during the duration of the show. Questions contact Jon Pool-Sova (586) 860-5045.