USA Figure-Eight is promoted as a spectator’s thrill attraction. In the interest of safety and sportsmanship anyone entering is subject to and must obey the following rules and regulations which are set up by the promoter and track where this event is being held. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are deigned to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and, by participating in these events all participants agree to comply with these rules and/or regulations. Furthermore, all participants agree that their entries (driver, car, and pit crew) will comply with these rules. No express or implied warranties of any kind, including but not limited to express or implied warranties of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The race director, judges, stewards, and officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No express or implied warranties of any kind including but not limited to express or implied warranties of safety shall result from any permitted deviations of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. A participant is any person taking part in any event of a USA sanctioned track in any form, including but not limited to, drivers, car owners, mechanics, crew members, sponsors, track officials or pit area observers. All persons shall be considered public figures who have by their own choice become involved in auto derby events at a USA sanctioned track with the full understanding that he or she must abide by the rules and regulations established and published or announced by the USA Demolition Derbies staff & officials. All participants are considered to be responsible for their personal conduct & safety. A waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement must be signed by each participant at the time of registration. Waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement (posted). Please read.

  1. An entry fee will be charged for each car. Entry form to be filled out and mailed or returned (limited to specific cars on entry form). All drivers must be 16 years or older and must be able to provide proof of age and picture identification (Driver’s License or Secretary of State I.D. Card). Drivers under age of 18 must have legal guardian sign a release form to participate in the event . NO EXCEPTIONS. Driver must furnish his/her own car. Only one entry per person. Officials reserve the right to accept or reject any and all applications. Furthermore, officials or the hosting Fair, reserve the right to revoke or cancel any entry or participant‘s claimed right to be on the track premises if it is felt or determined that a participant’s presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto derbies, the other competitors, the spectators, track management and/or employees.
  2. Only driver and pit men who sign release sheet will be permitted in the pit area or on the track. No spectators are allowed in restricted pit area. All persons entering pits must sign waiver and release, have a duty, and meet the minimum age requirements. Enlarged waiver and release of liability and indemnity agreement (POSTED). Please take the time to read it.
  3. The driver is responsible for the actions of his pit crew in all respects. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson for his/her car owner and pit crew in any and all matters and must talk with the chief USA track official in charge regarding their conduct or behavior.
  4. Any participant who defies or violates the intent or spirit of the USA rules shall be considered to have engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct and shall be dealt with by the USA track officials depending upon the nature of the infraction. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification and/or suspension.
  5. No participant shall subject any USA official, track employee or sponsor to any abuse or improper language at any time. Any participant who assaults or threatens any USA official, track official, track employee or sponsor may be disqualified and/or suspended.
  6. Anyone entering the pit area must be properly attired at all times. Must wear at least a T-shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes. NO short pants, tank top, or sleeveless shirts allowed.
  7. During competition, driver must wear a long -sleeved shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes. A fire proof suit is recommended.
  8. The Figure-8 will be run around two objects, one at each end of the track, consisting of a number of laps per heat and a feature heat that will be announced at drivers meeting.
  9. No cars are permitted on the track before officially called for their heat.
  10. Members and entrants of the USA Figure-8 are not employees of the promoter nor the sponsoring track, but are considered to be independent contractors.
  11. Any driver, car owner or mechanic who takes part in any demonstration or fights on the track, in the pit or surrounding premises before, during or after a race shall be subject to suspension.
  12. Anyone under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs prior to or during the show disqualifies the car and crew of the offending party. (Including prescription drugs)
  13. Trophies will be given to heat winners, with prize money going to every driver of the feature.
  14. Heat winners must drive the same car in the feature heat that they drove in the qualifying heat.
  15. There will be no hitting of the driver’s door or head on crashes. This will lead to disqualification and possible suspension.
  16. All cars must be removed from the track and pit area at a time to be announced at the driver’s meeting. Be advised that salvage will be available at the event should you choose to use same. Failure to remove your car within the time specified at the driver’s meeting will result in its removal at your expense.
  17. The promoter, track owner, or the Fair Association will not be held responsible for any cars, parts or personal property, before during and after the show or overnight. A drivers’ meeting will be held approximately 1/2 hour before show time. All drivers must attend. Failure to attend results in disqualification.
  18. NO pit board signs allowed — NO two way radio or cell phones allowed in car during competition.
  19. The decision of the race director, judges, stewards, and officials of USA Demolition Derbies LLC. will be final.
  20. Any driver or pit crew member in violation of any of the USA Figure-8 Drivers Participation rules and/or Safety and Set-Up Preparation of Car rules may lead to disqualification and/or suspension.
  21. All injuries must be reported to USA officials before you leave the event area.
  22. These rules supersede any and all rules previously used. Rules subject to change without notice according to USA Figure-8 officials.

We will be running a points system for the FWD and RWD MOD 2020 Figure 8 Season. We have reworked the points system for 2020. CHAMPIONSHIP WILL BE OPENED TO ANYONE THAT WOULD LIKE TO RUN. THERE WILL BE A GUARANTEED PURSE FOR EVERYONE. DRIVERS THAT ACCUMULATE POINTS WILL HAVE A LARGER PAYOUT. The points system and payout will be announced in March when the full schedule is released. RULES CAN BE OBTAINED AT THE USA OFFICE (586) 531-0384, OR DOWNLOADED AT WWW.USADEMOLITIONDERBY.COM

The Regular RWD Figure-8 Derby Class is designed for the use of V-8 automobiles with a maximum 116 inches wheelbase ONLY. No 4×4’s, All Wheel Drives, SUV’s, FWD or Convertibles.



  1. (RWD) STOCK GAS TANK MUST BE REMOVED. An auxiliary tank must be placed on floor pan from mid line of car interior to left side of vehicle behind the driver’s seat and no further rearward than front of rear axle. (FWD) this is highly recommend. On FWD cars if tank is behind rear axle it must be moved inside. If fuel tank remains under car there must 2 extra straps in case factory ones break. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Auxiliary tank must be of steel or a designated plastic fuel tank. Portable marine outboard tank recommended or racing cell.
  3. Auxiliary tank must be securely fastened to floor pan or securely mounted to roll cage.
  4. ALL GAS LINE THROUGH INTERIOR OF CAR MUST BE STEEL OR BRAIDED STEEL. However, a maximum length of twelve inches (12”) of non-steel/braided steel gas line hose and clamps can be used for coupler (connection) off the auxiliary tank.
  5. PUMP GAS ONLY. Tank must have a secured cap and all gas lines and fittings must be leak -proof.
  6. Auxiliary tank must be completely covered and cover secured such that it precludes gasoline from splashing on driver in the event of rupture. Auxiliary tank cover must be removed for vehicle inspection.
  7. ABSOLUTELY NO one (1) to five (5) gallon carrying gas cans allowed for auxiliary tank.
  8. Any leakage of fuel will lead to immediate disqualification of car. Electric fuel pumps must have on/off switch. Must be within driver’s reach and labeled.
  9. ALL GLASS MUST BE COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM AUTOMOBILE. Includes mirrors, tail and headlights, windshield (mud screen is permitted), all door glass (simply rolling door glass down is not allowed) and any broken glass inside automobile must be removed.
  10. Mandatory chain, cable or bar must be installed between roof and cowl (middle of windshield) to prevent hood from entering driver’s compartment.
  11. Driver’s window net, if used, must be WEB STYLE and quick release. NO steel, screen or permanent fixture of any kind over driver’s door window opening.
  12. Safety glasses, goggles or shield must be worn for eye protection and a full faced helmet (DOT Approved).
  13. Seat belt (LAP BELT ONLY) or 5 point harness is recommended and full helmet with chin strap are required. ( NO SINGLE SHOULDER HARNESS ALLOWED)
  14. Chrome moldings, ornaments, door handles, or plastic components must be removed. Any protruding front or rear frame horn must be rounded or flattened.
  15. (RWD) Full roll cage and 4 point cage minimum it is mandatory. Top roll bar height must be above driver’s head as seated in car. Door protection bars must remain inside door outer sheet metal. Roll bar and cage are designed for protection of the driver and must be welded to frame. FWD/RWD bar, chain or wire must be place in center of windshield area (this is for drivers protection from the hood). (FWD) This is highly recommended. At the minimum you must have 2 uprights from floor to roof for rollover bars. Drivers door protection is mandatory. (see below)
  16. Only one (2) automobile type battery is permitted and it may be located in any position of the car. Battery must be securely fastened and covered.
  17. Motor mounts maybe reinforced, welded, or chained.
  18. Must have working brakes at all times.
  19. All excessive holes in firewall and front floor pan must be covered.
  20. Cars must be clean of all debris prior to coming to this event.
  21. Must run an ignition switch. NO bare wire ends allowed for ignition off-on or starter.
  22. If equipped, all steering and passenger air bags are to be completely removed.
  23. Fender and 1/4 panel wheel arch can be cut, folded or welded for tire clearance.
  24. Driver’s door sheet metal must remain STOCK HEIGHT also interior upholstery must remain in place or be suitable replaced.
  25. DRIVER’S DOOR MUST BE REINFORCED. Reinforcement may be achieved by way of using an appropriate roll bar with cage or must be made by one of these methods: a) cement in door; b) recommended method is a steel plate,18” minimum width welded flat to outside of the door. NO HWY GUARD RAIL, CHANNEL OR ANGLE IRON MUST LAY FLAT. All other doors must be securely fastened by chain, wire, seat belt or welded shut.
  26. Should outer driver’s door skin or reinforcement get ripped off, torn or fall off, car will be disqualified. Car will also be disqualified if any door comes open during competition.
  27. Special numbers will be permitted on a first come basis. It is mandatory your number be placed on a fin plate firmly mounted to the top of roof. Cars may be decorated, but only in good taste.
  28. All modified exhaust pipes must exit down or straight up through hood.
  29. Valve stem protectors are permitted. NO studs or screws in rim to hold tire. NO WHEEL WEIGHTS, NO TRACTOR, HILO, PADDLE OR 4 WHEELER (ATV) TIRES ALLOWED.. Tires must pass official’s inspection.
  30. (RWD)A minimum of one (1) inch lug nuts must be used on all wheels. Heavy duty or racing rims recommended.
  32. NO steering knobs. NO starting fluid inside auto during competition.
  33. Hoods must be securely fastened down in a minimum of 4 places. Car must have fire extinguisher excess to top of engine for fire protection. Hood sheet metal must remain over the top of the fan blade. Electric fans are OK. ALL CARS MUST HAVE A HOOD TO RUN.
  34. Radiator must remain in original position or be removed. If transmission oil cooler is modified out of its original position, it must be completely covered and steel or braided steel lines used. Anti-freeze should be flushed and only water added.
  35. Trunk lid must be wired, chained or welded solid.
  36. You may interchange any stock automotive bumper front or rear. Bumpers maybe stuffed and plated. Bumpers maybe fabricated from steel. NO BUMPERS MAY HAVE ANY KIND OF POINT OR SHARP PROTRUDING OBJECTS. POINTS WAND PROTRUDING OBJECTS WILL BE CUT OFF OR YOU WILL NOT RACE.
  37. All work on cars should be completed before entering track. Driver and pit crew fully accept and assume the responsibility and liability of properly and safely constructing their Figure-8 car as well as their actions and behavior at the event, and acknowledge that USA Demolition Derbies LLC does not expressly or implied warrant the safety of, or the manner in which the participants have constructed their Figure-8 car or any of its component parts, or their actions and behavior at the event.
  38. Car and driver must be signed in and inspected at the track at least 30 minutes prior to show time. NO ENTRY FEE REFUND IF YOU ARRIVE LATE. NO EXCEPTIONS!